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South East Anarchist Network Gathering (SEANet)

April 9th-11th, Greensboro NC
Meet people who share your anti-authoritarian passions, and who want to support each other in challenging oppressions!
**Open to All Anarchists, Anti-Authoritarians, and Folks Curious about Anti-Authoritarian Approaches to Social Change**

For More Info:
SEANet Conference Website:
SEANet main Website:
e-mail:, phone: (336) 274-1814
address: SEANet Registration/PO Box 2133/Greensboro, NC/ 27402

As a tool, we hope the SEANet conference will help us get to know each other better, communicate, & share resources, and will increase our ability to respond to and organize against repression, as well as to help us better understand how the anarchist movement is developing. All though we are not interested in challenging or being challenged by organizers who advocate an authoritarian approach, we do want to encourage activists and organizers who work outside of anarchist communities, scenes and groups to join us at this conference.

Two exciting things to expect at SEANet that will set it apart from the usual "lots-of-workshops-at-the-same-time" type conference:

*Fun, Networking and Community Building: The gathering will include plenty of time for networking through: spending time with people who share your passions in "passion groups," getting to know each other, identity group caucuses, lounging in the grass, hot dance parties and fun. There will also be discussion on what this network will look like, how it may operate, and identifying what our needs may be as a movement in the Southeast. As 2004 will be a busy year for us, part of this network building will include discussion about the upcoming G-8 meetings in Savannah/Sea Island, GA and the upcoming Republic National Convention protests in New York. The better we know each other, the more we like each other, and the more fun we have together, the stronger our SE network will be!

*Challenging Oppression: Anti-oppression will be a focus of the gathering, including challenging racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ageism, transphobia and more. Small group discussions will be available to facilitate us through these issues. This approach will be an amazing addition to the format of past anarchist conferences, and will challenge anti-authoritarian movements to better understand these oppressions, both within and outside the movement. We hope to draw some conclusions on how to build momentum within our movement that will both combat these issues and display a genuine dedication to anti-oppression and acting as allies to oppressed people. This will also make our networks stronger through dealing with these important issues in a positive and supportive way, rather than having the discussions after the fact or feeling guilty, scared, intimidated and nervous.

The SE has an amazing history of anti-authoritarian-influenced resistance by poor people, people of color, and their allies....From slave uprisings to workers' walk-outs in textile mills, to the civil rights and black power movements of the 60s and 70s, to immigrant resistance, popular education and anti-racist efforts now, the SE has been an origin point for many of the most powerful movements of the United Snakes. Beautiful art, music and other cultural resistance has also come out of the SE US. Despite a history of repression, conservativism and religious fundamentalism, oppressed people of the SE have risen up, and others have taken up the challenge to support these struggles. Drawing on the long history of anarchism in the US, we believe that the hierarchies of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, state power and transphobia all need to be challenged in our personal lives, in how we organize and approach social change, and in the US and the World. We plan to gather and strengthen our movements and be part of the powerful history of resistance in the SE.

So we ask you to join us in this process of network building. Working groups have formed in Greensboro and are hard at work setting up logistics for the weekend, including food, childcare, registration, housing, and entertainment. Setting these pieces in place, however, will require work not just within Greensboro, but also throughout the Southeast. If you have something to contribute, please contact the Greensboro working groups by e-mailing Isabell at or calling (336) 275-2330. If you want to register or get more info, use the contacts below.

To Register: Fill out the Registration form below and E-mail it in or Send it in (Contact Info Below).

The SEANet hosting Collective will be providing free housing and food throughout the weekend. Donations will be accepted at the registration tables upon arrival. Please let us know on the registration form below about any housing, food, childcare or accessibility needs you may have.

For More Info:
SEANet Conference Website:
SEANet main Website:
e-mail:, phone: (336) 274-1814
address: SEANet Registration/PO Box 2133/Greensboro, NC/ 27402

Registration Form:

(this info will only be used by conference organizers to prepare food, housing, etc, feel free to use nicknames/pseudonymns and skip questions you are not comfortable answering)

Are you registering as an Individual or a Group?
Group/Collective or Individual Name:
Number: Names:
Where you live:
Other groups You Are Part Of (Collectives, Organizations, Coops, etc):
Do you need Childcare?
How many kids? What ages? Info we should know about them ahead?
Can the childcare coordinator contact you to get suggestions for childcare?
Do you need housing? (Wheelchair accessible housing is available, please note your need)
Accessibilty issues? Do you need a bed? Other needs?
WIll you need Spanish-English interpretation? (We will try to acommodate requests for Spanish interpretation)
Do you have any special food/dietary needs? Allergies?
Will you have a vehicle while in Greensboro? (In order to pair you with housing you can get to)
Are you willing to be a contact for a "passion group"? If so, what one would you want to create/be the contact for?
"Passion groups" are small groups of folks who share a common anarchist/activist/organizing passion and will meet several times during the gathering to network, lounge, plot and plan....
Things you want to see happen during the conference, interests you have, other stuff we should we know about you...
(We will do our best to incorporate as many ideas as possible into the structure of the gathering)

For More Info:
SEANet Conference Website:
SEANet main Website:
e-mail:, phone: (336) 274-1814
address: SEANet Registration/PO Box 2133/Greensboro, NC/ 27402
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