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G8 Fix Shit Up

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Call for Constructive Action at G8 Meeting
Brunswick, GA June 8-10, 2004

This June the G8, the association of the 8 wealthiest nations in the world (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, US), will invade Sea Island, GA to continue plotting the economic domination of the world. Along with the imperialists come their attempts to instill fear and squash dissent in the local and global community. Over $25 million will be spent on their security, the coast lined with near 30,000 police and national guard, and the entire region turned upside down for the accommodation of empire, the effects of which will continue to be felt by local residents after the summit.

The meetings take place off the coast of Brunswick, a town of 15,000 where globalization policies negatively effect the community every day. Brunswick is rife with environmental racism and overwhelmed with institutional poverty partly because jobs are being shipped overseas at increasing rates. While the G8 will discuss their"environmental management plan," Superfund sites fester and profit supersedes reason. While the G8 discusses the domination of land and the expansion of capitalism, land belonging to native islanders making up the Gullah/Geechee nation is being destroyed to make room for corporate owned golf courses, hotels, and resorts.

We call for people to come together in Brunswick, GA June 8-10 to examine how we canuse global meetings as an effective tool in working toward more sustainable activism and mutual aid. To think past "protest to protest" and challenge ourselves to adopt a real anti-oppression analysis with regard to mass mobilizations. To support those who will suffer direct effects of the incoming police state - before, during and after the summit. To show anarchy in action. To learn and take leadership from local organizers, highlighting local issues. To have a presence of resistance and do actions that are symbolic of the world we want in our hearts. To work on local projects, such as renovating houses and environmental cleanup. To arm ourselves with hammers instead of bricks. To count our victories in the relationships we build, rather than what we tear down.

We express solidarity with autonomous direct action in local communities taken against institutions that represent the G8, and add this call to resist the G8 and its invasion of the Brunswick area.

-G8 Fix Shit Up
(Southeast Anarchist Network)

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