get behind me seitan! (darkmugen) wrote in true_anarchy,
get behind me seitan!

National Socialist Black Metal

a while back i was in Metal Devastation, a phoenix metal store, and i found a flyer for National Socialist Black Metal(NSBM). i had known a bout this nazi pagan black metal phenomenon in the past but i hadn't heard anything about it for a while and figured it was more of a european thing. the weird thing is i'm pretty sure Metal Devastation is owned buy latinos and it's always staffed by them. the flyer had claimed that the old celtic tribes were said to sound like werewolves by their enemies and that by playing black metal music white people were paying homage or something. I looked it up on google and found this web site. they also have bands that are nazi pagan listed and MP3's. check out Absurd's song The Gates of Heaven. it's classic bad nazi music.

the weird thing is they list a Libertarian National Socialist Green Party(which is just weird) , and the E.L.F and Earth First! as groups in their groups link. wtf is that about? i understand as pagans these NSBM people have an environmental lean but why the hell would they list groups which are essentially anarchist in philosophy? i know some EF! groups have had run-ins with the clan in at rallies in the past.
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